"...with Meteora, planning the trips of my transports company is no longer an adventure in which the weather conditions were nothing but unpleasant surprises; They can not change the weather, but they do inform us correctly of all the problems we can have on the road section we are going to step on..."

Traffic and road safety, which are so much affected by weather, count on a new ally: the good weather information from Meteora. Both, passenger and merchandise transport companies as well as road safety companies can already dispose of a correct weather information, which enables them to perfectly know the atmospheric conditions in the concrete selected road sections.

  • Weather forecasts with the highest reliability for any place in Spain and Europe.
  • Meteorological information totally centered on the selected road.
  • Information elaborated by experts in Meteorology
  • We carry out a direct follow up activity of the weather, allowing you to contact with our meteorologists at any time by phone, in order to know the development of the weather conditions at the moment.
  • Special information of the weather, with all the necessary details on the road: rainfall, storms, hail, winds, snowfalls, frosts,...
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