"...the planning of our filming sessions is already made with the weather information of Meteora, as one of the main factors to bear in mind when choosing place and time for the filming..."

The outdoor filming may have as their main problem the weather at the location chosen, have now also from our reliable and localized weather information, to know several days in advance, the expected weather in each place of shooting.
All companies doing advertising shoots, films, documentaries, TV shows, etc... Can see the weather evolution for the next hours and in the coming days, in the desired locations, which assures them properly plan the outdoor filming, while avoiding unwanted at the weather.

  • Weather forecasts with maximum reliability anywhere in Spain, Europe and elsewhere.
  • Weather information focused entirely on selected locations and hours of great interest for the shooting or filming.
  • Information prepared by experts in Meteorology.
  • Weather forecasts sent by e-mail, fax or communicated in a live time, enabling telephone contact at any time with our meteorologists to understand the development of weather conditions at the time.
  • Weather information with all necessary details on the set of outside: sunshine, light rainfall, storms, hail, winds, snow,...
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