"...in the mountains, the weather is the most relevant factor and with the weather forecasts of Meteora we are sure to know the exact weather we will find in our ski resort..."

Meteora offers the possibility of really knowing the most important factor related to the mountains: the weather in the next days.
All activities that are carried out in the mountains and depend so much on a good and exact weather information, already dispose of a meteorological service which informs of the weather for the comming days.
With Meteora, ski resorts can already dispose of high quality weather forecast, totally centered on your mountain area with all data that are required to be able to be well informed of the weather conditions at your ski resort.

  • Weather forecast of the highest reliability for Spain and all of the most important mountains and skiing ready areas in the world.
  • Meteorological information completely centered on any area you wish.
  • Information elaborated by experts in Meteorology
  • We carry out a direct follow up activity of the weather, allowing you to contact with our meteorologists at any time by phone, in order to know the development of the weather conditions at the moment
  • Special information of the weather with all necessary details for the mountains: snowfalls, storms, rains, hailstorms, winds, temperatures...
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