"...we used not to know what weather conditions we would find every time we went somewhere, but since we knew about the services of Meteora, the weather is no longer a surprise for us..."

Meteora offers the best weather information for all sports that depend on the weather. Adventure sports, sports events that depend to a large extent on a good weather information and all kind of sports that take place open air, already dispose of a meteorological service that informs you of the weather conditions you will have in the places required for each sport.

  • Quality weather forecasts in Spain and in the rest of the world, for the next days.
  • Meteorological information of the place and of the exact time at which the sport event takes place.
  • Information elaborated by experts in Meteorology.
  • We carry out a direct follow up activity of the weather, allowing you to contact with our meteorologists at any time by phone, in order to know the development of the weather conditions at the moment.
  • Specific information of the weather for each one of the different kinds of sports
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